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Contact Lenses

A contact lens is a thin, curved lens placed on the film of tears that covers the surface of your eye. The lens itself is naturally clear, but is often given the slightest tint to make them easier to handle. Today’s contact lenses are either hard or soft.

In order to keep your eyes and vision in the best possible health; each pair of contact lenses is manufactured and prescribed for a certain wear schedule; and to be replaced after a defined period. Daily disposable contact lenses are worn once and then discarded, to be replaced by a fresh pair the next time contact lenses are worn. Other lenses have different replacement schedules. from weekly, two-weekly, monthly and up to yearly! Whatever your lifestyle and preferences, we can help you find the right contact lenses to suit your situation.

Is my prescription suitable for contact lenses?

In most cases the answer will be yes! There are contact lenses which incorporate high and low prescriptions for both shortsighted, longsighted, and astigmatic patients. There are even multifocal or varifocal contact lenses available for people who need their vision corrected both in the distance and up close. Technological advances in recent years mean that patients who have had issues with contact lenses in the past may be pleasantly surprised by the comfort and vision available in more modern contact lenses. In most cases contact lenses can give a very good level of vision correction, and if you are interested in contact lenses then a discussion with your optometrist will give you the answers to any questions you might have.

Contact lenses are a great option for all sort of reasons! Here are some of the situations in which people have found contact lenses to be of great benefit:

Vision correction instead of spectacles for general use. Daily disposable contact lenses used for sports, including:​

Golf-Football-Swimming-Horse riding-Motorcycling-Squash-Sailing- and-and…..

Holiday and Special Occasions - Weddings and Birthdays!

Comfort for when spectacles are heavy and uncomfortable to wear

A change of look!

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