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Soft Lenses

Daily disposable soft lenses are available in Single Vision, Multifocal and astigmatic versions. The use of daily disposables removes the need for daily cleaning and disinfecting the lenses.

The specification of these lenses continues to improve all the time and great strides have been made in performance and comfort. Anyone feeling they tried them many years ago and found it difficult should not miss the opportunity to try the modern family of lenses.

Soft lens prescriptions outside the normal range can probably be made specially and the Optometrist can advise on this. Again the progress over the last few years has been remarkable, so previous disappointments should not deter you from enquiring.

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Gas permeable lenses

Some conditions preclude the use of soft lenses.  Keratoconus, where the cornea is an irregular shape needs the gas permeable type of lens. These lenses are normally made to order.  Typically, these lenses would be used for a number of months and therefore require a daily cleaning regime.


With all types, aftercare appointments are normal and  are strongly recommended to monitor eye health.