Patricia Wild Optometrists-  Ramsey and Farmhill

Company Profile

Zygi Ltd (trading as Patricia Wild Optometrists)

Regd, Office:  Bay House, Manor Park, Onchan, Isle of Man IM3 2EP              Company Number 043643C


Clybane Court, Farmhill, IM2 2NF, Isle of Man  Tel 01624 613158

Auckland Terrace, Parliament St, Ramsey, IM8 1NF, Isle of Man. Tel. 01624 813977

Directors and Owners.  
Patricia Wild F.C.O,.   A Keith Webb

2 Optometrists, 2 Dispensing Opticians, and 2 Administrators

Established 1993 to provide sight care and the specification and supply of optical appliances in the Isle of Man.

Strengths are the long experience of the qualified professionals and the state of the art equipment installed  in the Practices. Upgrading of equipment is a high priority and therefore ongoing.

The Optometrists and Dispensing Opticians are, as required by the General Optical Council, engaged in Continued Educational Training.  

The emphasis is on the quality of sight testing which in the modern world means much more investigation than the traditional idea of the wall chart.  The Optometrist is now able to detect and report accurately on conditions inside the eye and the early onset of such conditions as diabetes and Age Related Macular Degeneration. Eye Examinations are not limited to a set time duration, but vary in order to examine all significant factors. Quality takes priority over throughput.