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Eye Examination continued

Further checks, if necessary, that can include but not limited to:-

Amsler Grid Assessments to investigate any visual distortion

Colorimetry Assessments that can help us assess whether using coloured spectacle lenses will improve a patients reading ability

Various Colour Vision Tests to check for colour perception issues that may preclude certain career choices, or that can help us diagnose early visual changes in certain eye conditions

A Stereopsis (3D) Measurement to ascertain whether both eyes are working equally and in accord to produce you best level of vision

After your examination has concluded, your optometrist can then provide you with a copy of your spectacle prescription, and may recommend further tests should they be required. When further tests are recommended, the optometrist can send you for these checks either through your GP, or direct to an ophthalmologist.

Eye Exam p1 The trial frame, But an up to date version Autorefractor by NIKON Slit Lamp (microscope) by NIKON