Patricia Wild Optometrists-  Ramsey and Farmhill

Eye Examinations

Here on the Isle of Man, everyone is entitled to an annual eye examination, paid for by the Isle of man Government. This check involves a vision assessment, and the assessment of your ocular health, including if necessary a peripheral vision check (sometimes known as a visual fields assessment), and an ocular pressure test, which many people remember as a basic test for glaucoma (a serious eye disease).

As a practice that invests heavily in specialist equipment, we are able to offer an enhanced eye examination which utilises equipment that expands our scope for early disease detection and management. Through use of this specialist equipment we are more easily able to detect early signs of health complications that include diabetes, hypertension, and raised cholesterol levels. We are even better placed to detect the warning signs of early cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration and retinal holes and tears.

Here at Patricia Wild Opticians, we aim to provide a high-quality, in-depth eye examination that goes above and beyond
traditional tests. For this reason we tend to have slightly longer testing times than average - so your examination can take
anywhere between thirty and sixty minutes. The following is a brief summary of what you can expect during your examination:

    A detailed discussion and then investigation into any symptoms or issues that you are having with your eyes or your eyesight

    Discussions involving your own and your families' ocular history

    Determination of any risk factors that might require special investigation,
    or specific visual correction (medications, health, occupation, hobbies)

    A comprehensive vision assessment to determine any need for spectacle correction

    Ocular musculature and pupil checks

    Assessment of the health of both the front and the rear sections of both eyes, using our top-of-the-range Nikon Slit Lamps

    Visual fields assessments, using our advanced Humphrey Visual Field Screening equipment

    Intra-ocular pressures checks

    Further checks, if necessary,   CLICK HERE FOR EXAMPLES