Patricia Wild Optometrists-  Ramsey and Farmhill


February 2015

We are delighted to acknowledge the enormous contribution to IOM residents in the field of treating Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)-  the main cause of sight loss on IOM.

The new Minister, Mr Howard Quayle, has put together an effective team in a very short time, to organise treatment on the Island.  In less than 10 months from a standing start the Island has commenced the on-island  service that has been sought actively 2007-2013.

Unless you are in the middle of the AMD battle, whether as sufferer or primary care specialist or family and friends of patients it is difficult to comprehend just how great this provision is. AMD has been steadily increasing in IOM, UK and many other places worldwide. It destroys quality of life.  This is a great step forward for IOM.

November 2016

Howard Quayle has now become Chief Minister and we have to be looking for a clear determination to expand the ‘on-island’ treatment.  This might be stalling and needs to be pressed for strongly.  Failure to do this sends a message that further progress is not really wanted.  Only those directly affected know the difference and they are a small voice when it comes to being heard. All of us who care have to keep pressing on their behalf.