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Spectacle Dispensing

Having an eye examination is only half of the process of getting a new pair of spectacles. The most accurate prescription in the world will not give perfect vision unless the spectacles have been dispensed accurately. Dispensing opticians (D.O's) are highly qualified and registered professionals with the General Optical Council (GOC), and in order to retain their registration they spend much time updating their knowledge through training programs - making them experts in their field.

From a patients viewpoint, the goal is to see clearly through a pair of spectacles that are going to enhance rather than detract from their looks. The expertise needed to achieve that goal is not as simple as it looks!

Modern materials and technological advances in both design and manufacture mean we have an excellent range of lenses to hand. Spectacle lenses are now made to the same exacting standard as the highest quality camera lenses - with one major difference - spectacles lenses are bespoke, tailor made to your prescription. Exactly how they fit in relation to our eyes, at which angle they sit at and the distance from your eye is crucial in ordering the right lens for you.

Every pair of spectacles that we produce is checked against a set of strict criteria in order to come up to our exacting standards, and we prefer to fit and check to spectacles on collection before they are taken away and used for the first time!

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Spectacle frames from

Bollle, Cebe, Adidas, Ronit Furst, Gant, Guess, Calvin Klein,
Lacoste, Nike, Silhouette, Sketchers, Valentino and others

Lenses from

Zeiss, Essilor(Varilux), Hoya, Nikon,Kodak and others.