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Sports and the  Contact lens

Pretty well any physical sport is made much more pleasurable if spectacles are not involved. Rain smears, glasses steaming up or jumping about- or off.  In the past, one tucked away the glasses and had an out-of-focus experience and tried to enjoy it. If the sport involved using ones sight to see detail, on went the glasses and elastic bands or sellotape.

The contact lens has changed all that and the latest lenses are so much improved in comfort, resistance to drying plus great sight correction that most users will benefit enormously. The multifocal and astigmatic prescription lenses positively transform vision. With reading corrections of up to +2.5 now available, the latest daily disposable lenses take most of the hassle out of any sport. Even weeding the garden is less of a chore if your glasses are not slipping every time you bend the aching back.

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